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Call for Abstract

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  1. Decide on whether you wish to submit a paper, workshop, panel/ symposium, meet the author, session or poster
  2. Select a theme/topic from the suggested list
  3. Prepare a 300 words abstract
  4. Submit your abstract at


It is possible to present scientific contributions verbally, in symposiums (in English or Italian) or by submitting a poster. Recently published books may also be presented.

  • PAPERS – 20 minutes with 10 minutes for discussion
  • PANELS / SYMPOSIA – 90 minutes. May include two, three, or more participants
  • PERFORMANCE/WORKSHOP – 90 minutes, opportunity for active audience participation and learning
  • MEET THE AUTHOR – 30 minutes discussion of a recently published book
  • POSTERS – for presentation of research, projects or programs, or other work on conference themes.

General Informations

The official congress language is English, however, in some special parallel sessions it is also possible to present in Italian with the condition that a written text in English be projected during the presentation.

All abstracts must be submitted in English.

All proposed works will be peer-evaluated in coordination with the scientific committee.

Proposals for communication panels, verbal communications, and posters may be submitted through the electronic platform.

You should select the presentation modality, although the scientific committee reserves the right to propose changes in modality for acceptance.

Each applicant may submit at most 2 verbal proposals and up to a maximum of 5 as co-authors.

Upon acceptance, scientific contributions will be included in the program once applicant registration to the congress is confirmed.

The accepted abstracts will be published in the Special Issue of the Online Journal “Vaso di Pandora. Dialoghi in psichiatria e scienze umane” (Vaso di Pandora. Dialogues in psychiatry and human science).  ISSN: 1929-3748


Proposals may be on the following main topics of the congress: closing asylums / open healing spaces • intersubjectivity and psychosis • family intervention • early interventions • trauma, stress, illness and psychosis •  covid pandemic in therapeutic communities • creativity and new therapies for psychosis.


Papers are individual. They will be organized by the Scientific Committee or in thematic sessions or as parts of panels/symposium. To create coherent sessions and the grouping of similar contributions, the submission form requests the indication of thematic areas.
To draft the abstract, follow the general abstract guidelines.


The symposium has the goal of offering stimuli to deepen understanding of a specific topic, and will be characterized by coherence in theme, clarity in objectives to achieve and the clarification of theoretical, methodological, or applicability problems.

Symposium proposals must include:

  1. a topic if possible, connected to the topic of the conference
  2. at least 2 presentations
  3. A chair to coordinate the presentations

It will be the responsibility of the symposium to upload the presentations abstracts of the symposium.

To draft the abstract, follow the general abstract guidelines.


The performances/workshop are interactive experiences of the creative therapies (figurative arts, music, dance and movement, corporeal expression, drama, cinema), conducted as laboratories in groups or performances: which can be accompanied by installations.  They can be inside or outside in the gardens, and possibly included in the Happening without Authors “Healing Spaces” (

The abstract for the presentation of the performances/workshop must contain a brief description of the proposed content using the appropriate template downloading from HERE.

To draft the abstract, follow the general abstract guidelines

Meet the Author

During the congress spaces dedicated to the presentation of recently published books will be organized. The abstract for the presentation of the book must contain a brief description of its content
To draft the abstract, follow the general abstract guidelines.


During the Congress, spaces in which displayed the contributions proposed as posters, will be organized. There will be times when the contributions can be discussed with the proposers. To create coherent sessions and the grouping of similar posters the submission form requests the indication of thematic areas.
To draft the abstract, follow the general abstract guidelines.


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