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International Online Webinar

Co-constructing Healing Spaces

General Information

The 22nd Conference of the International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches for Psychosis (ISPS) and the International Healing Spaces Arts and Arts Therapies Festival, planned for September 2-5, 2021 in Perugia has been moved to September 1-4, 2022.  In its place, on September 3-4, 2021 there will be an online Webinar, with the same plenary speakers who will be with us for the 2022  ISPS conference.  They will give us a “taste” of the plenary topics they will present in 2022 by making short presentations (5 minutes). These presentations will be moderated by a chairman and discussed between the public, the plenary speakers, and the chairman. During the webinar a preview of the International Healing Spaces Arts and Arts Therapies Festival will be shown. 

Short videos, maximum 2 minutes, non-verbally describing personal and/or professional encounters with psychosis, can be presented by anyone using creative methods (for example figurative arts, music, theater, cinema, writing, dance, and architecture for mental health care spaces). By presenting a video at the webinar it will be possible to participate in the selection process to become a country representative for your country at the above-mentioned Art Festival of 2022.

Criteria for presentations

A 2 minute video which shows your proposal.  Preferably the video will use nonverbal communication, but if a language other than English is used , please include English subtitles .

Videos, power-point presentations, or other types of visual / audio presentations are admitted.


Call for videos opens April 15, 2021.

Deadline for video submission is June 15, 2021

Audio-Visual Proposal Form

To submit your audio/video proposal, please complete the form below and then send your file via email to

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